Design and Production of
tooling in-house

Extensive tool making facilities with CNC plant linked to CAD/CAM systems provides capacity for the design and building of single/multi cavity moulds. Our toolmakers - all of whom have been with us for many years - will liaise with product designers and our own moulding production engineers to ensure the best tooling and material choice is made.

The obvious benefits of having "in-house" tool making adjacent to the moulding area is the ease of providing a tool with any necessary modifications, which can achieve cost savings and faster turnaround without the delays and communication problems sometimes experienced with outside tool makers. The substantial capacity of this department is also made available to other moulders including the supply of tooling to several companies in the USA.

Moulding facilities

A comprehensive range of microprocessor controlled injection moulding machines ranging from 25-350 tonnes capacity are housed in a clean and well organised production area. The wide variety of machine shot weights and locking forces provides ample capacity for quick turnaround and simultaneous production of a diverse range of components in terms of size, colour and quantities. In order to reduce handling and labour costs, many degating, drilling, tapping, piercing and other product finishing tasks are carried out by the machine operator.

Over the years, considerable experience has been gained with many engineering polymers requiring specialised moulding knowledge. This, together with the input from chosen suppliers has achieved some highly successful results.

Assembly and finishing

Dedicated second operation mechanical assembly, welding, drilling, printing and hot foiling facilities are available. Staffed by long standing employees, this department takes pride in its work and recognises the quality of the decoration is just as important as the moulding. Our innovative engineering department designs and manufactures special purpose assembly machines and fixtures. If any company requires several mouldings to be supplied assembled together, we can deliver the completed product tested and packed for despatch.